the founder 

Katharina Sølberg Bierach 


"When the rhythm of life changes - dance to the new beat" 


Katharina is a Professional Dancer and certified Yoga Instructor. During her time living in Norway, Sweden, London, USA, China & Germany she has coached and mentored over 100 teams of diverse cultural backgrounds. Katharina is best known for her positive energy and passion for making an impact on people's well-being and success in life.


Katharina has identified that life-balance is key in managing an over-ambitious life. She values the importance of feeling good, while still doing all the things you love to do! She believes dance can help you unleash stress, emotions, and creativity, in addition to getting out of your comfort zone, and boosting confidence.


The past years, Katharina has studied and applied interdisciplinary approaches and ways of thinking in order to understand people in a wide range of different fields and social contexts.