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In partnership with Mithudama Travel (part of RGF) and Nisala International Meditation Centre, AQAI is taking you to Sri Lanka in April 2018. Spend 10 days in a beautiful environment, where coaches and trainers take you through a change towards a balanced lifestyle. 



The program will be divided into two parts, in which will ensure an effective and fulfilling experience. The first four days will be the most intensive, focusing on deep meditation, while the last four days will focus on fitness, yoga and personal coaching. The course can be taken by anyone, from beginners to experienced students of meditation, fitness, yoga and coaching.



Part 1 - Nisala International Meditation Centre 


This intensive 4-day course will take you through multiple hours of meditation each day at regular intervals. This course format is chosen due to its great efficiency in cutting down one´s habitual mental tendencies, that often gets in the way of inner calm and peace. The program allows greater expansion of awareness, due to the repeated application within a short period of time. A simple living is part of the program. Complete silence, apart from discussions with the teacher, will be maintained throughout the course. This includes non-usage of communication devices or computers. The program fee at Nisala is donation based.


Read more about Nisala, and get full overview of program here         



Part 2 - Beach resort


A day between the two programs is scheduled, so the participants will have the time to recharge. This day will also include a 3,5 hour drive to the final location. We will start the day by visiting a botanic garden watching wild monkeys play, followed by lunch by the river where elephants take their daily bath. 


The last four days will contain daily workouts, deep stretch or yoga as well as group coaching covering different topics. This course format is chosen to continue implementing the knowledge you received at Nisala Meditation Centre, in a daily life. By combining both mental and physical coaching, we help individuals achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. There will be time for beach activities, sunbathing and relaxation during the day. Evenings will be free to book 1-2-1 coaching sessions and massages.


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