Morten, Norway 


"AQAI coach, Katharina, managed to teach yoga in a language a middle-aged man like me could understand. Her session was not only about yoga but also about teaching mental strength and awareness. For the first time, I had a moment in the middle of a stressful week, were I was able to take my mind off everything"

Suzi, United Kingdom 


"Giving myself time to work on my body, both inside and out, provided me with the ability to be a better me. The fact that I could have a safe space to refocus my goals and direction in life, provided me with limitless opportunities for the future."

Kathrine, Norway


"AQAI coach, Katharina, is full of energy which is very infectious. Using my body in new ways helped me strengthen my coordination, share, happiness and confidence"

Mikaela, United Kingdom 


"I have learned how to program my mind to gain more confidence and see the beauty in small things. The combination of breathing techniques, dance, strength training and mental coaching gave me the personal growth I needed to dare to try out for my first audition"

Daria, United Kingdom 


"AQAI coach, Katharina, helped me through a tough transitional period. Her positive energy and confidence made everyone feel good. She managed to connect the entire group and gave me friends for life. Katharina made me rediscover all the positive in my life"