Coaching areas


Lifestyle coaching addresses every aspect of your life which may affect the potential of yourself. The art of understanding how your personal skills and mindset impact your every-day performance is core to obtain successful personal growth. We provide tools to help individuals reconstruct their mindsets to achieve

personal goals and strengthen their confidence. In addition to our group sessions and exercises, AQAI can offer one-to-one sessions in topics of your choice, all to ensure a personal tailormade experience.  

meditation AND YOGA 

Meditation and Yoga, are both elements AQAI believes are necessary to include in your daily life, to become strong both mentally and physically. At the AQAI retreat, a significant amount of time is delegated to meditation, in which the importance and health benefits of the practice are also included in talkative coaching sessions. Yoga is thought, among other things, to improve flexibility & for injury prevention. Yoga and meditation when practiced together strenghtens the mind and body connection, improving overall well-being. AQAI teaches the practice to help restructure your brain and trains the brain to concentrate, feel greater compassion and cope with stress. 


Fitness and nutritional coaching focus on the elements of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Physical activity combined with good nutrition can help you reach 

and maintain healthy weight, reduce risks of chronic diseases and promote your overall 

health. AQAI believes in the effect of integrating this aspect into your personal lifestyle,

in order to achieve your full potential. By providing knowledge about the benefits 

of healthy nutrition as well as different types of workouts, individuals learn how to continuehealthy and easy habits at home .